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A New Edition to Our Plant Pots & Containers | Planters Made From Retired Office Equipment

26 Jan 2015

Introducing the stunning Topstone Planter Range

Using beautiful plants, recycled materials and a rainbow of colours to transform office environments. With our top air-purifying plants, clever Enviroculture planting system and great container choice, it’s easy to make a positive difference to your business, your staff and the environment.


Make a big impact in your Office

With well-presented, environmentally aware planting and colourful containers made from recycled materials, Topstone planters are an easy and cost-effective way of enhancing your office environment for staff and visitors alike.


Healthier Spaces

Plants can help create a healthier and a more productive and creative working environment for you and your staff. We use a range of the best air-cleaning plant species, selected from the top 10 best species identified by NASA research. For more on the benefits of plants click here.



Beautiful recycled results.  Our new eco-container range is manufactured from retired office equipment, giving it a new, productive life and giving you a fantastic choice of container styles, sizes and colours.  Our containers are tough, durable and watertight, and are perfect for a busy office environment, and all with just a 5-day manufacture time.

Click this link to download a brochure – Benholm Topstone Range

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