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Office Plants | Nature’s Air Conditioning

18 May 2015

Every year in the UK businesses spend thousands of pounds on their air conditioning, however believe it or not office plants can offer many of the same benefits, costing almost nothing to maintain by comparison.

Here at Benholm we work with companies throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and beyond to help them take advantage of office plants, but how can they impact on your working environment?

Clean & Purify the Air

We knew already that plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen, however various scientific studies have demonstrated that they can clean the air of many more potentially harmful pollutants and toxins, including benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

Research published by NASA found that many common household and office plants fight pollutants, while researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that the snake plant, spider plant and golden pothos were also particularly effective at cutting down o-zone levels.

Raise Humidity, Lower Temperature

One of the major disadvantages of air conditioning is that it can dry the air out, but rather than invest further money in an electric humidifier, your office plants can help counter-act its effects.

A study conducted by Washington State University found that plant transpiration (the process by which plants cool themselves) releases moisture and helps to create a humidity level of 30-60% – matching with the range recommended for human comfort.

In addition to combating the effects of dry air (which include tiredness, dry skin and irritable eyes to name just a few) increased humidity can actually reduce the air temperature. In fact, the net cooling effect of one young, healthy tree is said by the International Society of Arboriculture to be the equivalent of ten room-size air conditioners operating for 20 hours per day, while the estimated savings on heating and cooling costs is as much as 20%.

Office Plants for natural air conditioning

Attractive & Cost Effective

Of course, office plants are also significantly more aesthetically pleasing than an air conditioning system, with the potential to boost employee morale as well.

Interior plants also have next to no running costs unlike an office AC unit or humidifier representing further potential savings for businesses.

To find out more about the benefits of office plants for your company give us a call on 01324 861 300 or check out the information we have here.

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