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Launch of New Nordik Moss Range

19 Aug 2015

Benholm Group launches new Nordik Moss range for interior sound absorption and improved aesthetics

Nordik Moss Walls needs no watering, little maintenance, and is available in a range of colours.

Commercial interior and exterior plant specialist, Benholm Group has launched a new range of green walls to enhance interior spaces, providing the opportunity for exciting new designs and patterns as well as practical sound-absorption for offices, reception areas and meeting rooms.


Nordik Moss Walls are becoming increasingly popular with interior designers and architects, here's why.

The range, named Nordik Moss, has natural sound-absorbing properties which help dampen noise, minimise distraction and improve working environments.

Its versatility allows for pictures, words and cut-out shapes to be included into stunning feature walls. Its natural shape means it can be adapted to most surfaces and can even curve around corners, be used in a 3D design, and even on furniture.

A spokesperson at Benholm Group explains: “Nordik Moss is a preserved natural product. As it doesn’t grow, you don’t have to worry about watering or trimming it. It doesn’t need access to sunlight either, meaning it can add life to the darkest spaces.


“We use Scandinavian ‘Cladonia Stellaris’ moss, commonly known as Reindeer Moss. It is a sustainable resource, harvested by hand from the forest floor, and is 100% biodegradable. It is then treated to preserve it using a natural mineral process, meaning it does not grow or need looking after. It is available in a variety of colours from a calming green to statement orange, and we create our moss installations by hand, tuft by tuft, to the customer’s requirement.”

Nordik Moss is fire safe, resistant to discolouration and hypoallergenic. Unlike many living displays, it doesn’t require intensive ongoing maintenance to keep it looking fresh. Benholm Group provides an economical, regular maintenance service, or can offer an ad-hoc one-off repair service for any installations that require it.

Benholm Group also offers the range of Nordik Moss in a range of standard panel sizes. To find out more, click here, contact us or call the main office on 01324 861 300.


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