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Full ISO Accreditation Achieved Again

7 Jan 2016


At Benholm Group, to ensure a consistently high standard of quality, we undergo a full ISO Accreditation audit every three years.  Following an independent audit of our quality control processes, our environmental policies and our health & safety systems we have passed again with flying colours!

You can see our full range of accreditation certificates here.

All our customers enjoy the peace-of-mind this ISO Accreditation offers.  It simplifies most supplier validation procedures which saves time and hassle.  It ensures our customers are guaranteed the highest levels of quality and service from a company that is also acting responsibly in relation to the environment.

Not only do we seek to simply comply with the ISO Accreditation guidelines but we actively set out to improve our systems and processes as part of our culture of innovation.

During our last Audit the Auditor from ACM commented  "I am very impressed with how often you are changing and improving your systems and processes compared with most other organisations!"


Why not take a fresh look at your current situation and see how our great team at Benholm Group can bring added value to your organisation?  Contact us today on Freephone 08000 724 723.



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