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University Of Exeter Reveals Benefits Of Interior Office Plants

17 Jan 2015

Interior Office Plants in a breakout spaceHere at Benholm Group, we’ve always been advocates of the benefits of indoor plants on health and well-being, but now you don’t need to just take our word for it. At a recent Chelsea Flower Show, the University of Exeter conducted a unique and important experiment, examining the effect of interior office plants on creativity, well-being and morale.

They carried out a total of 90 experiments on show attendees over the week-long period which the show ran, with a total of 350 volunteers taking part.

The participants were placed in four different workspace designs, and required to carry out several tasks which were designed to measure their creativity, happiness and productivity. The results of the tasks from each office design were collated with the different designs and assessed after the experiment was completed.

The results of the tests were clear, revealing that allowing staff to work in an well-designed office space enhanced with interior office plants increased creativity by 45%, productivity by 38% and overall well-being by a 47%

Dr Craig Knight, a psychologist from the University of Exeter said: “The results from the Chelsea Flower Show experiment indicate that plants, in a well designed and personalised office environment can boost business effectiveness through improved staff productivity and creativity. This gives company managers a real incentive to share control of office space with their staff and create meaningful, less didactic and more grown-up space.”  See the full article here.

Here at Benholm Group, we have the facilities to help office managers create a happier, more productive working environment. We provide and maintain a wide range of interior office plants and other associated services across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. For more information about how we can help transform your office, please get in touch with one of the team on 01324 861 300 or contact us online.

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