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3 Surprising Benefits of Office Plants

26 Jan 2015

Barrier planters helping to improve the office spaceHere at Benholm Group we have been helping businesses to improve their workplace through beautiful floral displays, interior plants and landscaping to companies in Edinburgh and beyond for many years.

A well designed and stunning floral display may well provide aesthetic benefits, but can it do more for your office than simply look nice? Read on to find out the surprising advantages to implementing office plants in your workplace.

#1. Improve Morale & Boost Productivity

We’ve already mentioned the aesthetic benefits of office plants but the effects they can have goes a lot further than that. A well-designed and attractive workspace can make your employees feel more valued as well as happier in general, and studies have shown that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, not to mention more loyal and likely to stay with the company.

#2. Humidify the Air

There are a number of negative effects of a dry environment, including certain respiratory problems, skin and eye irritation and making the air feel colder than it is. Electric humidifiers can help to solve this problem, but office plants are a much more attractive solution, not to mention more energy efficient than an electric device.

Plants release water vapour into the air through their leaves via a process call transpiration, and most plants lose 90% of their water this way.

#3. Lower Building Costs

Plant transpiration cools the air as well as humidifies it, and these two features combined can offer savings in more ways than one.

Firstly air conditioning costs are significantly reduced – by up to 20% according to the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. Secondly, an increased humidity helps to avoid the damage that can be caused to wood by dry air as well as the condensation of windows and exterior walls that can lead to structural damage.


So if you’re interested in enjoying all of the benefits of office plants  get in touch with the friendly team here at Benholm on 01324 861 300.

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