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Restaurant Planting Completes East Mediterranean Theme In Glasgow

9 Jan 2018

Restaurant planting helps complete the East Mediterranean theme

Decked out from floor to ceiling with fascinating intricate detail, this Glasgow restaurant provides a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

This beautiful Mezzidakia restaurant https://mezzidakia.com/ is inspired by an East Mediterranean theme which runs consistently throughout the whole restaurant from the mouth-watering menu to the painstakingly detailed interior design.

Biophilic design principles have been included to ensure that every visitor enjoys a comfortable, relaxing and memorable visit. Natural finishes including wood, stone, sisal rope as well as greenery have been interwoven with industrial elements of exposed steel and concrete that form the structure of the original tenement building.

Artificial plants such as this Olive Tree can transform any hospitality environment


"The natural restaurant planting adds the finishing touch to this masterpiece of authentic East Mediterranean dining"


Realistic artificial plants and trailing foliage were used to soften up some of the corners and hide unsightly air conditioning vents. A standard old roof-light was turned into a beautiful focal point when it was finished off with natural foliage tumbling down all around the opening.

Topiary-style artificial mediterranean olive trees in weathered ceramic vases were used to complete the theme.


Trailing artificial foliage transforms this lightwell into a beautiful restaurant planting feature


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