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Plants used extensively in Glasgow Architect's own studio design

26 Nov 2018

Glasgow acrhitect's studio space inspired by Biophilic Design

The new Glasgow home for Threesixty Architecture is a fantastic space full of light, warmth... and plants.

Plant displays and greenery make any work environment feel good


On their website Threesixty Architecture state:

We are architects and masterplanners. Collaboration and creativity are at the core of our approach to achieving our Client’s vision. We love what we do, and we care about ensuring everyone enjoys working with us.


Having outgrown their old offices and to allow for future growth of the business, Threesixty took the plunge and invested in a much larger, rooftop studio space at The Garment Factory in Merchant City, Glasgow.  They then transformed this contemporary space into a fantastic design studio that reflects their culture and will no doubt be influential in attracting new talent as the company grows.  More about this here...

Biophilic design is clearly in evidence through the use of natural light, natural materials and the plentiful greenery.  Taking these design elements and turning them into a workspace that is attractive, comfortable and inspiring requires creativity and skill.

Many Biophilic Design elements have been involved in the creation of this stunning workspace

Plants have been used to create living screens in open plan areas providing acoustic softening and a sense of privacy for focus work.  A leafy "Avenue" dividing the desking from the walkway.  This is completely different to the standard office plants that you still sometimes see in older style offices.

Lush green foliage helps create a healthy office where creativity thrivesAdditional random planting on open shelves helps create a homely feel where staff can relax and allow their natural creativity to follow its own course - great for brainstorming and finding creative solutions for clients.


"A beautiful natural space that breathes creativity"


If you would like to explore how you could use plants to transform your office space please contact us today.  And if you are looking for a complete redesign of your space why not reach out to Threesixy Architecture and we're sure they'll come up with something amazing for you!


Click here to download the Benholm Group Corporate Plant Displays brochure


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