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Darcy's transformed into a twinkling twilight forest!

16 Jun 2020


Darcy's is a lovely little spot tucked in the corner of the cosy Princes Square. With private dining options, a carefully crafted food menu from morning to night, plenty of coffee and an outstanding list of hand-picked wine.

But it’s often said that a great meal is about more than the food on the plate; it’s about the experience. And injecting an element of theatre and majesty into a meal is as old as dining itself. Eating out and appreciating good food has become much more of a cultural norm in the UK than it once was and it’s great to see companies embracing the idea of experience eating.

With Darcy's eager to offer diners their own take on unique dining experiences, they opted to add a layer of entertainment and excitement, along with the great food they are known for. With afternoon tea, cocktail masterclasses and character lunches already on the menu, the team were ready to launch their take on brunch.

Hospitality is known to be one of  Glasgow's most innovative industries. So when Darcy's drafted in our team to turn their Princes Square space into a twinkling secret garden for the launch of their brand new brunch experience, and we went to town!

The brief was to transform the lower ground floor restaurant into a lavish garden party for the super exclusive day time event . Not only that, but in the evening, the garden becomes a deluxe courtyard dinner setting where evening guests are invited to 'dine under the stars'. Inspired by the bright white of elderflowers, we added lashings of wisteria, foliage, birch twigs and delicate lighting✨. It's not got a real insta factor, just what diners are looking for.

Real bark adds more of nature's textures wrapped around existing structural poles-it's all in the details.
With music from a saxophonist by day and some of Glasgow's top musicians by night, its a complete sensory experience, just as dining should be and great times are guaranteed.


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