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Nordik Moss Wall Art for Glasgow Healthcare Company

19 Aug 2015

Nordik Moss used to create a feature AV wall in a breakout space in Glasgow

Specialist provider of internal and external plant displays, Benholm Group, has recently installed two bespoke Nordik Moss wall art features to add a creative, practical and healthy flourish inside a newly-refurbished office block in Glasgow.

The walls measure over 9sq.m, and a spokesperson at Benholm Group explains: “The moss walls have been designed with three colours of moss to create a breakout area in the office. Inside one of the walls is a TV screen and another contains the name of the area in stainless steel letters. It is a relaxing place for staff to sit and take time away from their desks."

“The moss wall art features are made up of individual panels of Nordik Moss, which are put together at our site and then transported to the office, so it minimised disruption when we installed it. It requires minimum maintenance, so it is a very cost effective solution to a whole range of issues found in today’s busy offices.”

Studies have found that greenery in the office has a multitude of benefits such as boosts in productivity, positive effects on workers, and an increase in employee well-being and creativity.

The installed moss walls not only acts as a screen and a health benefit; they also offers acoustic properties so that the staff can relax in the space without being disturbed, or disturbing, others working in the office. The Benholm spokesperson continues, “Our moss walls use real foliage as it absorbs sound waves and acts as an acoustic softener.”

Benholm Group offers maintenance on all display plant installations. To find out more click here or contact us or call the main office on 01324 861 300.

Click here to watch the Nordik Moss video

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