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"Industrial Heritage" theme for ARUP’s new offices in Glasgow

16 Mar 2016

Benholm planting in the refurbished ARUP offices in Glasgow

Benholm Group make another successful plant displays installation, voted as one of the best interior designs this year! A unique space has been created for ARUP, the world-renown engineering and construction company, on the 7th floor of the new 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

As a specialist in designer office planters and green walls, Benholm Group was contracted to work with the Interior Design team to add the finishing touches to the new office and reception space.  The new office fit-out design included texture, structure and colour to create the Glaswegian Industrial Heritage theme.  Materials such as natural stone, metals, reclaimed timber, concrete, grass, preserved moss and other greenery were used throughout the space.  An excellent example of Biophilic Design.

The Benholm account manager explains:

“The Interior Design reflected the old industrial heritage well, using reclaimed oak and natural stone along with the wild greenery and old cracked concrete effect flooring. We were tasked with bringing living plants to several areas to continue this theme. Large concrete-effect planters and bowls were used, some on weathered slate pedestals, and the wild but soft planting along with the vertical trunks of the Ficus Benjamina open cage stem trees gave the contrast of the ‘structure and the chaos’ associated with old industrial buildings. This theme continued to the concrete ‘boat’ planter with straight stem Phalaenopsis Orchids and mixed ferns, located on their oak-topped, stone gabion Reception desk! Their use of preserved moss panels in the design gave another touch to create an absolutely stunning result!”

Even though the interior landscaping includes high-end specification and an awesome overall effect, cost savings were also achieved through the careful choice of plant species and the use of alternatives to fresh flowers.

Every visitor is sure to be impressed when they arrive and will be able to feel the company culture immediately.

If you’d like to revitalise your office space and improve the experience for your visitors, why not contact our friendly, innovative, design team today and request a no-obligation consultation?

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