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Eco-Friendly Planting In Line With Corporate Ethos

21 Jan 2015

Eco-friendly planting in line with Scottish Natural Heritage corporate ethos

Great Glen House in Inverness is one of the most eco-friendly buildings in Scotland and an excellent example of Biophilic Design in practice. 

The occupiers, Scottish Natural Heritage, wanted "planting that brought the outside, inside".  This is not an easy task as most of the indigenous plants we see around us in Scotland cannot survive in an indoor environment.  Benholm won the tender based on creating the most similar visual effect using rugged, natural-looking plants, special containers manufactured from 100% ecological materials and the peat-free Enviroculture planting system.

This planting was maintained by Benholm for many years until it was incorporated into a total facilities management contract.  A few years later it was separated from the facilities contract by the customer due to the deterioration of the planting and is now flourishing again under the experienced care of the skilled maintenance technicians at Benholm.

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