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Enviroculture.  Better from every point of view.

Enviroculture Planting plays an important role in all Biophilic Design projectsWhat is Enviroculture?

Enviroculture is a special, sustainable planting system that helps your organisation demonstrate your responsible attitude towards the protection of our planet. 

The system does not require soil or compost for the plants to grow and is therefore totally peat-free. 

It is a very clean system, free from soil-borne pest and bacteria, and has a positive effect on the Environment.

Why use the Enviroculture planting system?

The use of the Enviroculture planting system directly contributes towards the protection of our natural peatlands. 

Peat bogs are unique ecosystems that not only provide a natural habitat to many rare forms of fauna and flora but they also provide areas of significant natural carbon storage.


"Peatlands only cover about 3 percent of the Earth but they accumulate more carbon than tropical rainforests," says biogeochemist Nancy Dise of Manchester Metropolitan University in England. "In terms of sitting there kind of quietly year after year packing away massive amounts of carbon, nothing tops these peatlands."  Source



Your Enviroculture planting can be used to contribute towards ISO 14001 Accredidation as well as other schemes such as BREEAM.  

For hotels and restaurants, Enviroculture plants can help you in your Green Tourism status.

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Enviroculture planting system cut-away showing how each planter is put together


How does it work?

The plants grow in expanded clay granules - an inert, sustainable product that is fully recyclable - to provide the necessary root stability instead of traditional soil or compost.  All the nutrients and clean water that the plants need is provided by our trained maintenance technicians on a regular basis. 

Enviroculture plants have special water roots to allow them to thrive in this unique growing environment and this helps them effectively clean and purify the air in your building as well as help increase humidity levels.  

Why not just use peat-free compost?

Peat has some amazing properties that make it a very popular addition to many different growing mediums, composts, etc.  Its strength is in its capillary action which is very valuable for the even distribution of moisture in the root space of plants. 

Peat-free growing mediums are available but, in our experience, do not produce such healthy plants.


Best for healthy workplaces

Office plants help contribute towards a healthy and productive working environment

It is a well-established fact that there are many benefits of having plant displays in your workplace.  A great deal of research has been done into the benefits of Biophilic Design and how this can directly affect the people using the interior space.  Enviroculture office plants are very effective at contributing towards a healthy working environment and your lush healthy plants can have a positive effect on the morale of your staff.   DOWNLOAD CORPORATE OFFICE PLANTING BROCHURE

Click here to download the Benholm Group Corporate Plant Displays brochure

A better solution for clean areas and eating places

Enviroculture planting is ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Enviroculture planting is a clean system that eliminates any soil-borne pests or bactria making it especially suitable for clean areas such as hospitals, laboratories and research establishments as well as eating places such as retaurants and cafes.  DOWNLOAD HOSPITALITY PLANTING BROCHURE

Click here to download the Benholm Group Hospitality Plant Displays brochure

Demonstrate best practice 

Every organisation that installs an Enviroculture planting scheme is awarded with a Certificate of Environmental Excellence to display.


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