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    How to enhance your brand with Moss wall art

    22 Feb 2017

    Nordik Moss wall art feature for corporate reception area

    What is your brand?

    Your organisation's brand is so much more than just your logo. Your logo is what every customer, supplier and employee may visually recognise your business by and what differentiates you from your competitors logos. However, what your brand really is, is what makes you, you. It includes the company culture, the "look and feel" of your organisation, and the image of credibility, quality and satisfaction that is associated with you in your customer's mind. 

    Your brand is being promoted everywhere your customers - or potential customers - come into contact with your business. Visual branding is very important, especially in the physical experience of customers or visitors, whether it be in your shop, your own offices or elsewhere. This is very closely linked to your corporate image.

    Nordik Moss wall art feature with company logo for boardroom

    Enhancing your corporate brand image

    Take a look at your reception area as an example. How is your brand image being presented to your visitors?  A lot of effort (quite rightly) is put into making reception areas impressive, comfortable, attractive and memorable because, as we all know...

    "You only get one chance to make a first impression"

    That is where Nordik Moss wall art comes in.

    Nordik Moss is a beautiful product that can be used for all kinds of moss wall art.  It is both attractive and striking and can be used to create unique wall features incorporating corporate logos, company branding or even artwork.  It is available in a variety of colours and is very low maintenance.

     Click here to watch the fascinating Nordik Moss video

    Case Study - Company brand enhanced with Nordik Moss wall art feature in new showroom

    The client, Space Solutions carried out a full renovation of their new office in the centre of Glasgow prior to their official opening event in August 2015. Specializing in office fit-out and cutting-edge workspace design they wanted their new office to showcase their creative abilities and convey their vision as a forward thinking design consultancy. It had to have a "wow factor"!

    Nordik Moss wall art delivered exactly this. The client's corporate branding style was incorporated into the wall using coloured moss and stainless steel cut-out letters for the company name.  The overal effect in the space conveys a holistic brand experience.

    Space Solutions brand enhanced using Nordik Moss wall art

    Enhance your brand with Nordik Moss

    Create an immediate impact on your visitors by using moss wall art to display your company logo, name or branding. Give your office or reception area a natural feel by bringing the outdoors inside. A Nordik Moss wall feature will also emphasise your commitment to your environmental responsibilities and demostrate the way you care for your customers and staff.  This will result in your visitors recognising your brand and all the messages associatd with it. Nordik Moss can easily add a whole new dimension to your brand image, and will help to positively promote your business.

    Interested to know more about Nordik Moss? Contact us.

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    Click here to watch the Nordik Moss video

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