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    The Ultimate Planted Screen Toppers

    Benholm Group SCREEN TOPPERS - demonstration of how easily they can be installed and removedThe natural way to decorate your protected environment

    The post Covid-19 era has seen many organisations rushing to protect staff and customers with screens of every type, shape and size.  Many beautifully designed workplaces have turned into cold, sterile, plestic or glass cities.  Nearly every public-facing outlet from supermarkets, banks, beauty salons, retail stores, high street shops, cafe's, bars and pubs have been forced to protect staff and customers in this way too.  The result is often intimidating, cold and unpleasant.

    "Once again, we can resort to Nature for solutions!"

    These beautiful planted displays, available in several different styles, are created by hand in Scotland by our skilled florists.  Each one carefully crafted to display a delightful biophilic arrangement into the areas where it is needed the most.  Eye-catching, beautiful and visually softening for the spaces that lack the touch of Nature we all need.


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    These Screen Toppers are part of our range of products developed to assist organisations operating in the post Covide-19 era.  They are created using realistic artifical plants and flowers.  They are designed with a unique saddle system to allow them to sit comfortably astride any screen without the need for additional fixings and can be easily removed when cleaning the screens.

    Social distancing and the use of sneeze screens and other methods to protect everyone from the Coronavirus pandemic all tend to be unnatural, unpleasant and uncomforable.  Bring in some warmth and comfort with our planted or floral screen toppers!

    Beautiful planted or floral topper display sits astride any screen

    Key Features:

    Handmade by our Scottish in-house floristsScreen Topper styles

    Unique saddle design requires no fixing

    Range of planted or floral designs

    Designed to suit most standard screens

    Available for delivery within 2-3 working days

    Fully customizable for bespoke situations


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    These beautiful planted screen toppers are suitable for all types of protective screens: Desktop screens | Social distance screens | Virus guards | Sneeze guards | Sneeze screens | Perspex screens | Counter top screens | Floor standing screens | Acrylic screens | Plexiglass screens | Clear screens | Glass screens

    Benholm Group SCREEN TOPPERS are ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels, salons, offices, etc.