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    The Ultimate Social Distancing Screens

    The most beautiful solutions can be found in Nature

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    Planted social distancing screens are clear winners!

    Artists impression of planted screens in an office environment

    How to implement safe social distancing is one of the most significant challenges facing almost every organisation since the Covid-19 lockdown. 

    The government has provided recommendations around the need to maintain a 2m distance to stop the spread of virus in the air and has emphasised that employees need a Covid-safe environment in which to operate. 

    However, significant reductions in space requirements can be made through the use of effective screens as this allows persons to be closer together without the risk of spreading the virus. 

    Many people are fearful and anxious about contracting the virus and this is understandable. However, plants have been proved to reduce stress and contribute towards a healthy environment.  Making both staff and visitors feel relaxed and comfortable is important for thier health and wellbeing.

    Benholm Group provide a range of products and services to assist organisations in the post Covid-19 era.  These also include a range of attractive planted hand sanitisers and our beautiful floral or planted Screen Toppers that sit astride any protective screen.


    Use screens to ensure social distancing is enforced.

    Use plants so that it doesn't feel like it's being enforced.


    Artists impression of planted screens in a restaurant environmentKey Features:

    Interior or exterior
    Range of containers in any RAL colour and any size
    Weighted for stability
    Available with castors for easy manoeuvrability
    Available with angled base to suit a slope
    Stainless steel supports secured into the planter
    6mm toughened recyclable glass screen
    Option to include logo or other manifestations
    Supplied with live or artificial plants or flowers for stunning effect
    Available to purchase or rent (maintenance service included)
    Delivered throughout the UK


    Tall planted troughs with glass social distancing screens


    Fully customizable to suit any type of environment:

    Offices, Hospitality Venues, Retail / Shopping centres, Public Building, etc.

    • Row of low planted troughs with social distancing screens
    • Row of planted troughs with social distancing screens
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