We use plants creatively to enrich

people, places and spaces

    Brand activations with natural appeal

    So what is brand activation?

    Rose Street Gardens with Bombay Sapphire Branding

    Brand Activation is an art of bringing a brand to life by designing innovative experiences that drive consumer action.

    It is one of the best processes to make the brand known to the market and the target audience, resulting in an increased awareness and customer engagement.


    And it doesn’t just apply to new brands. If a business wants to rebrand itself, it can’t just make a few changes and hope people notice.

    It needs to go through the process of switching people’s minds over to the new brand and making them aware of it.

    Using nature can help speed up that process.


    The Benholm Team have worked with some of the biggest names in the drinks industry. From gin giants like Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, Eden Mill and Gordons Pink, to whiskey and bourbon kings including Johnnie Walker, Macallans and Jack Daniels.

    We’ve created pop up bars, bespoke hand-crafted signage, installed branded outdoor dining areas and rooftop terraces.  Often installed along with our hotel and restaurant planting to create a superb effect in any venue.

    We thrive on the creativity that often comes from brand activation briefs and we have a serious soft spot for instagrammable selfie walls. From giant floral frames, vintage baths overflowing with blooms and floral flamingos to birdcages and vast floral selfie walls complete with bespoke neon lighting. When you incorporate nature you can stand back and watch as likes, check ins and social media coverage soars.


    Bespoke wall mounted frame in the stunning Corinthian for Crabbies Gins takeover


    We are uniquely positioned with a team of highly skilled craftspeople and florists with a background in large scale event décor which allows us to really think big.  We like to keep things local and have a trusted network of suppliers for specialised components.


    Woodford Reserve Barnd Activation feature wall created at Brewhemia, Edinburgh

    If you’ve got big things planned for your brand, and you want some ideas of how to make your brand activation as natural as possible, we’d love to hear from you...

    Reach out to our creative team on Freephone 08000 724 723

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