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people, places and spaces

    Be inspired by our projects and ideas!

    We believe our work speaks for itself. Enjoy browsing through these images...

    Nordik Moss Wall with Thistle design

    Nordik Moss wall

    Thistle design framed preserved moss wall

    Dracaena plants in barrier planter in Aberdeen

    Barrier Planter

    Live Dracaena Compacta plants in barrier container

    Plants in Chrome bowl

    Feature colour display

    Live Achmea plants in Chrome designer bowl

    Fire Extinguisher Planter in Edinburgh

    Fire Extinguisher planter

    with Live Sansevieria plants


    Living plants dividing screen

    Live Beaucarnia plant in Ibis Hotel Manchester

    Live Beaucarnia Plant in Cosmos Container

    Flat Moss and Bun Moss Framed Circle

    Framed Circle Moss Display

    Preserved Bun Moss and Flat Moss

    Living Wall room divider unit

    Living Wall room divider mobile unit

    social distancing screen with plants

    Room divider with real plants

    available double sided and on wheels

    Large Ficus Tree in Aker Aberdeen Atrium

    Atrium Trees

    Live Ficus Benjamina 4.0m in Vondom Planter

    Plants (95)

    Reception planting

    Live Ficus with feature stem, and Orchid bowl

    Orchids in designer bowl

    Feature Orchid Bowl

    Purple Orchid in Designer Bowl

    Live plants in coloured barrier container

    Barrier planter

    Live plant selection in custom coloured planters

    Artificial Hanging Baskets in Eden Mill Edinburgh

    Artificial Hanging Baskets

    Green mixed foliage. Made to any design and size

    Dracaena plant in designer container

    Live plant display

    Dracaena plant in designer planter

    Polyscias in white cylik

    Live Polyscias plant in white container

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    Wall planters with live plants

    Wall planters

    Circular planters

    Polyscias plant in Aberdeen office

    Live Polyscias plant

    Artificial Sansevieria Plants in Barrier

    Artificial Sansevieria plants in Barrier

    Scottish Theme Display

    Scottish Theme Display Oval Bowl

    Live and Artificial plants in Fibrestone Bowl

    Artificial Plants in Scarborough

    Artificial plants in wall display

    Mezzadika Restaurant Glasgow Plants

    Plants in Italian Restaurant

    Artificial Olive tree in stone container

    Akamai Live Plants

    Live mixed plants for office reception

    Mixed Species including hanging varieties

    Artificial wall plants for Jurys Inn Glasgow

    Artificial Wall Plants for Hotel Entrance

    The Pear Tree parasols

    Branded MAY Parasols

    set into ground anchors. heaters and lighting included

    Exterior plants Edinburgh

    Live entranceway planting

    Ivy archway and mixed foliage

    Riccarton Inn Beer Garden

    Beer Garden bespoke timber booths

    Design and build of timber planters and booth seating

    Hanging Baskets Edinburgh

    Live Hanging Baskets

    Summer Blooms

    Live exterior planters Dunfermline

    Large Planters

    Buxus Pyramid and mixed colour

    Exterior topiary at Dakota Glasgow

    Buxus Topiary

    Topiary ball on stem

    Exterior pink pots at Moxy Edinburgh


    Buxus Topiary in custom pink planters

    Cafe Banner planters at Urban Bar Glasgow

    Cafe Banners

    Planters with castors connected with Branded Banners

    Exterior planters at Edinburgh Castle

    Exterior Branded Trough Planters

    Live Buxus plants with underplanting

    Olive Trees London

    Live Olive Trees

    Office Entrance London

    The Social Glasgow

    Parasols, Cafe Banners, Planters

    Complete exterior refit provided

    Artificial Hanging Baskets Glasgow

    Artificial Hanging Baskets

    Hilton Edinburgh Topiary Planters

    Live Buxus Topiary Spiral

    For Hotel Entranceway

    Chaophraya Leeds Planters

    Planters and Banners for Restaurant

    Live Hanging Baskets Glasgow

    Live Hanging Baskets in Glasgow

    Nandos Edinburgh Exterior Plants

    Exterior Live mixed Plants in Bespoke Trough

    Exterior Topiary Hedge in Barrier Planter Edinburgh

    Exterior Artificial Topiary Hedge

    in Barrier Planters on Roof Terrace

    Gyle Shopping Centre

    Shopping Centre Foliage Wall

    Artificial mixed foliage, bespoke design

    Mobilane Live Divider

    Living wall freestanding divider

    Double sided. freestanding, irrigation tank within frame

    Green Moss Wall in Falkirk

    Nordik Moss

    Dark green preserved moss

    Nordik Moss wall with branding in Glasgow

    Nordik Moss

    preserved moss with logo design

    Mobilane Living wall

    Interior Living Wall

    Moss wall Edinburgh

    Nordik Moss Signage

    Bun and flat preserved moss with logo

    Living Wall Scarborough

    Living Wall

    Living plants mix

    Mobilane Framed Living Picture

    Framed Living Picture

    Living plants mix

    Moss Letters

    Nordik Moss Birmingham

    Bespoke frame style and colour

    Moss Wall Table Tennis

    'Play Harder' Nordik Moss Wall

    Preserved Moss combination

    Bravura Moss Wall Manchester

    Nordik Moss wall with Logo

    Moss Green and Spring Green colours

    Artificial Living Wall for Mini

    Mixed Foliage Wall with logo

    Artificial plants

    Live Moss Wall

    Live Moss Wall

    Real Live Moss with auto irrigation

    Living Wall Mobilane

    Living Wall with mixed plant species

    Nordik Moss with Logo

    Two-color preserved Moss and Stainless Steel Logo

    Moss and Stainless Steel Logo

    Nordik Moss Oak framed wall display Dialog Edinburgh

    Oak Frames Nordik moss wall display

    Two colours of preserved moss with logo text

    Artificial Living Wall Standard Life Edinburgh

    Reception Living wall

    Artificial Foliage wall around signage board

    Nordik Moss Wall Glasgow

    Nordik moss Wall around corner

    Three colours of preserved Moss

    Living Wall room divider

    Living Wall room divider

    Real living plant wall set within mobile screen

    Nordik Moss room divider

    Preserved Moss room divider

    many variations available

    Living wall room divider

    Living Wall mobile room divider

    using real living plants

    Avison Young

    Living Wall

    Living plant wall with branding

    Flowers Pedestal

    Live flowers

    Pedestal arrangement

    Flowers Aberdeen

    Live Flowers

    Desktop Display

    Flowers Glasgow

    Live Flowers

    Desktop Display

    Fresh Flower Display for Reception desk in Edinburgh

    Reception Desk Display in Black Vase

    Large Flower display

    Live Flowers in large base

    Flowers Edinburgh

    Live Flowers for Reception Desk

    Fresh Flower Display in Edinburgh

    Live Reception Flowers

    Reception Flowers Pink

    Live Tabletop Display

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    Event Flowers

    Live Flowers

    Pedestal arrangement

    Bespoke Floral Hummingbird Glasgow

    Flower Wall

    Artificial flowers and foliage, Glasgow Restaurant

    Bathtub display  October Glasgow

    Bathtub photo moment

    artificial floral and branding sponsor

    Bespoke Floral Fubar Stirling

    Flower wall

    Backdrop to bar

    Bespoke Floral Brewhemia

    Floral frontage

    artificial flowers and foliage

    Ladies room floral mirror Aberdeen

    Ladies Powder Room

    artificial Flower feature

    Cherry Blossom Ceiling Glasgow

    Cherry Blossom Ceiling

    bespoke ceiling display

    Floral Letters

    Bespoke Floral Letters

    Artificial flowers

    Flower Wall Glasgow

    Flower Wall with Neon Sign

    Artificial Flowers

    Bespoke Floral archway in Glasgow

    Arched Entranceway

    Artificial autumn foliage

    Floral Window display Edinburgh

    Artificial Floral Window Display

    Wisteria, Roses, Ivy and Natural Vines

    Brewhemia Autumn Display

    Autumnal Display with artificial foliage

    Ivy, Branches, Berries, etc

    Floral Telephone

    Flower wall with Telephone

    Click here to download brochure on plant displays for public buildings and retail spaces
    Download the Benholm Group 2020 Guide to Wellness in the Workplace
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