Biophilic Design is fast becoming one of the most important design considerations of this century

Do you understand how to specify plants and greenery in your projects?

Firstly, let us be quite clear; Biophilic Design is not just about adding plants and greenery to an interior design scheme. 

Strangely enough though, whilst greenery is one of the most fundamental elements in this design concept, many designers have traditionally left this aspect for their clients to deal with after the event. And yet, most people like plants!  They want greenery and natural elements in their space - this is what makes it "feel" right.  Trying to fit them in as an afterthought once the design is "finished" often ends up with an overall result that is far less effective than it could have been.

This CPD-style presentation has been developed to help Interior Designers overcome the difficulties of specifying plants, provide inspiration and fresh new ideas on ways to use plants, and to help guide the client conversations around ongoing maintenance.

Introducing our new, refreshed training course for Interior Designers!

"Using Plants to support Biophilic Design"

Providing commercial Interiors Designers with an enjoyable learning session that gives you and your team the tools and resources you need to ensure your design projects are greener, more appealing and more effective. 

This presentation helps Interior Designers to be prepared for the current Biophilic Design trend and to be able to take advantage of it confidently.

Presentation on Using Plants to support Biophilic Design is available in the convenience of your own offices

  • Interactive presentation with powerpoint, video, samples, etc.
  • We come to your office (or why not bring your team to our Falkirk head office for more immersive experience?!)
  • Approx 1 hour - flexible
  • We pay a generous lunch contribution
  • Further information and follow-up resources provided
  • Only available in the UK at the moment


New formats now available giving you more choice:

Biophilic Breakfast

A great start to the day!  Be inspired by nature and get your creative juices flowing over a hearty breakfast!

Lunch & Learn

A traditional favourite for many organisations. A relaxed, yet informative break in the middle of your busy day.  A chance to step back, take a breath and get re-energised!

"Thank you for the great CPD. We all learnt a lot and it really made me think about future uses!"
"We all remember your CPD.  It made such a refreshing change from the usual technical details of standard building materials!"
"Your CPD has changed our approach.  Biophilic elements are now amongst the first things we discuss with our clients."

Can you afford not to embrace the Biophilic Design concept?  

Register your interest here and one of our team will be in contact with you to put a date in the diary.


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